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Homelessness is not an option for a single parent. Obviously, no one wants to be without a home whether or not they have children. However, when there are children, it makes finding appropriate shelter even more of a necessity. Of course, housing is not something anyone can take for granted, especially not after a foreclosure crisis where many people were cast out of homes they had intended to build families in. In most cases a single parent household is going to have issues making ends meet, that is largely unavoidable. One income and multiple mouths to feed for most working people is going to mean poverty. Fortunately, there are ways to find housing help for single mothers . The government is usually a good place to start looking.

HUD can provide housing help for single mothers

HUD is the US government’s Department of Housing and Urban Development. HUD can provide low income people with the means to buy or rent a home. This includes single mothers. Via a HUD a single mother may get a loan with a low down payment that can be used towards the purchase of a home. Housing help is not limited to lending money; HUD provides another kind of help that is sorely needed by first time homebuyers and those in financial trouble, namely, counseling. HUD funds housing counseling agencies that offer counseling services that include advice on avoiding foreclosure getting a mortgage and handling credit, and they do this free of charge.

The Nehemiah Foundation provides Housing Help for Single Mothers

The Nehemiah Foundation is another way that a single mother may find help with housing. This is a charitable group that provides money to low income families in order to help with down payments and closing costs in house purchases. In order to get a Nehemiah Foundation grant the homebuyer most have a loan from a company that allows gifts from charitable organizations.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is another potential source of housing help for single mothers as it is their goal to provide houses for low-income families the world over. It should be noted that the person getting a home will have to pay for it. The houses are built with a no-interest loan to the families who will live in them and they are built by volunteers working under trained supervision. In addition to repaying the loan, the person who gets a Habitat for Humanity home will themselves have to contribute hours of work helping to build homes for others.

The Making Home Affordable Program

This is a program of the Department of the Treasury and HUD that exists to help homeowners who are struggling to pay back their housing loan. It can provide housing help for single mothers who cannot come up with mortgage payments in order to keep from losing their family’s home. In order to qualify for this kind of help the loans will should have been taken out prior to 2009 and the money borrowed needs to total less than $729,750. A home loan may only be modified one time under the Making Home Affordable Program.

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