Good Jobs for Moms Can be Found Easily

Aug 17 2012

It is not as difficult as it may seem to find good jobs for moms. Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity or soul searching. Many stay home moms feel that a decent earning is out of reach. The truth is a career could be well within their means. There are many companies that will work around schedules. There are also many stay home positions.

A Good Resume is Key

Whether a mom is looking for a job outside the home, or a stay home position, she should create a resume. There are many resume writing services available. There are also templates and examples on Microsoft Word. Another option is to pick up a book at the library for reference. There are five main parts to a good resume, and they should be as brief as possible. They are :

• Contact Information
• Objective
• Work History
• Education History
• References

The entire resume should take up only one printed page. When it comes to work history, only list the most recent and job relevant positions. If it has been some time since the mom has had a job, she should list any activities that have kept her skills up to par in the cover letter, which comes as a separate document.

Good Jobs For Moms Outside the Home

When it comes to the job hunt when looking outside the home, there are many options to consider. The mom should decide if she desires to work while the kids are in school, or evening hours. Most moms do not have much flexibility as far as their schedule goes, because they’d like to be home for their children. Whether or not a business will work with them depends on the positions that are currently available. In addition to schools, many businesses will provide care for children as part of their benefits. This can be a blessing, especially for single moms.


Schools are a great place to start. There are often benefits for moms who work in the school system and have children that are in the same system. Elementary, Middle, High Schools and daycare facilities need office workers, bus drivers, cafeteria staff, assistant teachers and more. Many times childcare is free or reduced, or the school will make an exception on the hours worked. Plus, she will be near her kids all day which reduces worry. Another option is a facility such as the YMCA where they offer before and after school care. The mom can work throughout the day, and typically the kids are bussed to the facility before and after school.

Colleges also offer many good jobs for moms in the offices, cafeterias, and more. Often times they can go to classes for free, or earn a free education for their children. That is a huge benefit!

Banks and City Jobs

Businesses that are only open daytime hours, such as banks, can be another option for good jobs for moms. Many banks hire entry level tellers and put them through training. There is a good opportunity for advancement as well, which allows the mom to work towards a career. Every city should have a website that lists open positions. Benefits for city or government jobs are great, and most positions are daytime only.

Good Jobs for Moms in the Evening

There are also plenty of good job options for moms who are looking for evening hours. Pizza delivery, fast food, gas stations, and retail stores are all wonderful options for moms who would prefer to work evening hours. Many times moms will work the evening while their spouses work daytime hours. This can be convenient but also doesn’t allow much time together as a family. The good news is places like this typically have many hours available for evenings.

Good Jobs for Moms that Keep Her Home

Often times, a stay home position can be great for moms. This allows her to make her own schedule which is much less stressful. It can allow time for children’s appointments, shopping, caring for the home, and much more. Here are some of the more popular positions that can be worked from home:

• Customer Service Assistant
• Crafts sold on EBay or Etsy
• Home Based Daycare
• Dog Walking or Pet Sitting
• House Sitting
• Paper Route
• Agent for Avon, Pampered Chef or similar companies
• Ghost Writing
• Personal Trainer

Many times, good jobs for moms come from a simple soul search and discovery of what she enjoys doing. Being a stay home mom often allows for a woman to embark on a venture that encourages her creativity. Whatever she decides to do, there is no doubt there are plenty of options for good jobs for moms if she is willing to put forth the effort.

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Finding Assistance Programs for Single Mothers

Aug 12 2012

For many single mothers, keeping it all together isn’t easy. If you are a single mom, you’re responsible for raising your kids, finding and keeping a job, and paying all the bills that are required to live. This can be overwhelming for anyone and especially overwhelming for a single mom trying to do it all on her own. There are many assistance programs for single moms but finding them can be difficult. Many times finding the right assistance programs starts with a visit to your child’s school or your local department of human services office. They will often be able to point you in the right direction as you search for programs that can make your life easier and more manageable.

Popular Assistance Programs

Some of the most popular assistance programs include food stamps, medicaid, and the free lunch program at school for children. However, there are many other programs available that you may qualify for. For example, most states will provide assistance paying for childcare for parents who meet certain income requirements. You can also receive assistance if you want to continue your education by going back to school. In addition to the many state-run assistance programs, there are also private programs through local churches and other non-profit agencies that may be able to assist you.

Applying for Assistance Programs

Once you have found an assistance program for single mothers that you think you qualify for, you will generally have to apply for benefits to determine whether or not you are eligible. This can seem like a daunting process but it is really quite simple if you follow some basic guidelines.

Start by making sure you are eligible for a program before you apply. Many assistance programs will have income or other requirements. Once you know that you meet the requirements of the program, you can begin the application process. This will usually involve filling out paperwork and providing documentation. Because many of the available assistance programs require the same documentation, it’s a good idea to keep things like birth certificates, pay stubs, and a copy of your lease in a safe place where you can access them anytime you need them. If you need assistance with your application be sure to ask for help. Most agencies are glad to answer questions and help you with collecting documents.

Documentation Needed for Assistance Programs for Single Mothers

As mentioned before, almost all assistance programs will require documentation before approving or denying you for their programs. They do this to ensure that only people who qualify for assistance receive it. There are some documents types that you will probably need no matter what kind of assistance you apply for. For example, birth certificates and social security cards are two documents that are required for many types of assistance. You should also always keep copies of recent pay stubs and a copy of your lease to verify your income and your residency. It’s also a good idea to keep copies of your most recent utility bills. Keeping copies off all documentation you are asked for in a safe place is a good way to keep track of it and to always have it when you need it.

Understanding How Assistance Programs Work

Assistance programs for single mothers are often run through a variety of government agencies. This fact alone can make them difficult to understand. There are some basics that are the same for most of these programs though. Almost every program will require you to complete an application before they can make a determination on your eligibility. They will then require you to provide certain types of documentation. Once you have completed these two steps, you will probably be required to attend a meeting to go over the program and your eligibility. Once you have completed all the necessary steps, the agency you have applied with will decide whether or not you are eligible. They often notify you through the mail.

It’s important to note that for some programs, the application process alone can take 30 days or more. It’s important to check your mail and phone messages regularly so you don’t miss meetings or important deadlines. Even after you have been approved for an assistance program, your case will be reviewed on a regular basis, so you want to be sure to stay alert for upcoming requirements.

Keeping Track of Assistance Programs You Use

Because there are so many assistance programs and all of them have different requirements, it’s important to be very organized. It’s a good idea to have a folder for each of the programs that you use where you can file letters that you receive and notes about phone calls and meetings you attend. Having a separate folder for each assistance program and keeping them in a safe place will make it much simpler for you to keep them all straight. Be sure to note any upcoming deadlines or meetings on your calendar so you never miss an important event that can affect your eligibility with the assistance programs for single mothers that you use.

Final Overview of Assistance Programs for Single Mothers

While being a single mom isn’t always easy, there are programs available that can help make life easier on you and your children. Start by asking at your child’s school or your local department of human services office to see what assistance programs for single mothers may be available to you. Never be afraid to ask for help as you apply for an assistance program and always be sure to keep good track of your records. Last, be sure to let the assistance programs you are using know of any changes in your situation. If you move, lose a job, or begin to earn more money you will want to notify all of the programs you use so they can redetermine your eligibility and you avoid potential problems or delays in the future.

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What You Need To Know About Business Grants for Single Mothers

Aug 02 2012

The dream of owning your own business as a single mother can now become a reality, because you can easily tap into the opportunities available to establish your own job through business grants for single mothers. It is not always an easy experience to be a single mother, most especially when you consider how it affects your potential to move forward in life, and the necessity of single-handedly raising a child on your own. Now, if you are someone that has always shown great zeal to become something in life in spite of the economic difficulties that you face, you can now become all you want to be through applying for business grants that are designed for single moms like yourself. What then do you need to know about obtaining a business loan for yourself as a single mom?

Conduct a Research to Determine Your Eligibility

Many business grants for single mothers require that you meet the necessary criteria to be eligible for one. You must therefore conduct due research to determine those business grants that you are eligible for, and to determine how you must go about it. There are many online grants available for single moms, but it would be a dangerous thing to fall into the hands of scammers; so it is essential that you conduct your research through the single moms’ resource center in your area and state.

Determine the Type of Business Grants for Single Mothers That You Want

There are many types of business grants for single mothers, and most of them are exclusive to certain categories of applicants and mothers. For instance, there are some business grants for single moms that are exclusive to ethnic minorities, particular business lines, for non-profit and those for people living within a particular region. But to determine the type you would want, you might want to consider those that are for single moms starting new businesses, for single moms desiring to expand on an existing business venture, for training manpower and those that are for profit-sharing. Knowing this beforehand helps you to narrow down your search and increases your chances for eligibility.

How to Get Approved Faster for Business Grants for Single Mothers

Many times it takes a great deal of time to get approved for a business grant for single mothers, but there are ways you can speed up your chances for eligibility and approval. One of the ways is by having an existing business that needs funds for expansion in the category that you seek grants for. Having an existing business improves your chances to get approval fast, since you are already experienced in the required area of business. Also, you can get approved easily for a business grant for single moms if you would be undertaking a business that the government wants to address for the citizenry. The government wants to encourage people to go into entrepreneurship in some given trades, and taking up this challenge in the given business line facilitates your chances for eligibility.

Prepare a Proposal to Win Business Grants for Single Mothers

It will always work in your favor if you present a simple and workable business plan together with your application for business grants for single mothers. Preparing an impressive business proposal plan, detailing what you want to do and how you intend to achieve your outlined business objectives, increases your chances for obtaining good business grants for single moms. This also shows you as someone who is detail-oriented with a sharp-focus on business objectives, and therefore someone to be helped with funds to gain a business footing.

How to Apply for Business Grants for Single Mothers

Your application goes a long way in determining whether you are granted that business funding or not. You must fully understand the application instruction and process before applying, and you must take care how you word your application request. If you are not good at writing, you must hire a grants writer to write your application and make sure that it is proofread for spelling and grammar errors before submitting it. Do not forget to state very good and compelling reasons why you must be given the business grants for single mothers; this is why you must give a brief personal background introduction about yourself, including your experience and qualifications, with the social relevance of the business and its objectives to help establish you as the winner of the business grant. If you are able to do all these correctly, you stand a better chance of starting your own successful business as a single mother.

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Jul 29 2012

Single parent support groups are an effective way to deal with the challenges of being a solo parent. No matter what the circumstances that arose that created your current situation, there are others with similar histories or are at least willing to listen.

Having a safety net of like solo parents may be a significant comfort in itself. Knowing that there are others who may understand what you are going through may provide a valuable asset to your situation. There may be a group member who just lost a spouse to an automobile accident.

The other members may have stories to tell. Rest assured that each person has problems to face, but they, also, may have answers for you in their arsenals of survival skills.


Comparing notes within single parent support groups may be this type of therapies main attraction. There will be times when nothing is said that is moving you forward that day. But often the group consensus about how to address your problem is more than worth the time put into attending a support group for single parents.

One thing to look into is the focus of the group that you are considering attending. Single parent support groups may address the emotional assistance needed by the attendees, and a more mentoring or coaching atmosphere may be the group’s focus. This is fine if this is what you mostly need at the time.

The loss of a spouse no matter the circumstances is devastating. Half of your world is gone usually in an instant. Besides the feeling of complete shock and fear is the emptiness that pervades. Something needs to eventually replace that emptiness in order for you to move forward and beyond this tragedy.

Moving beyond a tragedy can take a long time. A support group can at least fill a part of the vacuum. Making new friends and learning how to cope from day to day are both group goals that are focused on within this kind of support group. Usually goals are set each time the group meets in order to give the members tasks to accomplish until the next time the group meets.


The activities of single parent support groups can vary. As we were saying, the mentoring style of support group will address the emotional devastation that your loss has caused.

Another focus for a support group os the financial navigation that needs to take place after at least half of the income is gone. Support groups may put together workshops and practical assistance for those with monetary challenges after the death or loss of a bread winner.

The group may meet in a variety of fashions:

1) Some groups may meet twice a month or even monthly. This kind of group meeting is not as providing. There may be homework assignments during the time away that can help with the emptiness. Telephone calls between new friends can alleviate some of this kind of dilemma.

2) A consistent and on going type of group may meet weekly. This allows for some development of healing during the week, and then everyone comes together for note comparisons.

3) Some support group leaders provide online discussion boards or forums that can be additions to the regular support group format.

One something that should be addressed about support groups is the fact that most require some kind of dues. These dues are collected either monthly or yearly, and these dues cover the cost of programming.

One option is always the scholarship, but this needs to be allowed by the group owner. Some organizations that hold support groups have magazine subscriptions that can be purchased. Access to members only areas of the company’s website can be an additional source of information.


“Is childcare provided with the group I select”? This is a frequent question that is usually answered in the affirmative. There is often a fee for childcare. In the alternative you may be asked to provide volunteer childcare services on a rotating basis of a fee is not mandatory for this particular group option.

“What are the activities available fl or children in childcare?” This question is one that has a number of good answers. Often the children are having their own group services while you have the grown up services with your peers.

Children’s therapy groups are centered around the age and emotional needs of each child that attends the group. Group counseling for older children may be mostly in a talking and discussion format. There may be activities such as role playing.

The younger children may have their own therapy techniques. These may include art therapy or arts and crafts for personality development. Many kinds of children’s therapy are wanting to understand if the loss of a parent is seriously affecting the development of each child throughout the standard developmental milestones that each child must pass through.

Sometimes if there is a block in a critical milestone development, then a more advanced kind of therapy may be presented. Private therapy for children should be considered if the problems seem too way out of line.

Navigating throughout the therapies for yourself and your child may seem complicated. Trying a certain group to see if it fits you may be the way to go. Not all therapies will fit, but at least your started on your road to recovery.

Single parent support groups are there to assist you. A lot of the work involved in rebuilding your life needs to be done at your own pace. Depending on your resources and support system, your road to recovery will be unique. Each individual facing a recovery challenge is looking at a mountain in front of them. Some see the challenge as a David and Goliath battle. Not to worry. David wound up taking a tiny stone and hitting the giant Goliath exactly and precisely where he needed to send it.

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Oct 28 2011

Single mothers deal with worries about money even when the economy is good, let alone in one that is bad and has been bad for a while. Having the weight of their child’s future resting on their shoulders with no one else to help can take a tremendous emotional toll, and with that toll there will come stresses on the parenting relationship.

There are few worse places to raise a child than in a home where destitution can come from missing a single work day. The problems faced by single mothers today range from hunger to unemployment to raising children in squalid, crime-filled neighborhoods. The ways out are not as simple as they may seem to many who have never been in that situation.

 financial assistance for single mothers

financial assistance for single mothers

Hard work can help, but often hard work can just keep a person in a state of perpetually just getting by. Most of the working poor are hard workers and yet they are still poor. What are the options then? Should a single mother just throw in the towel? Of course not. This is not an option because she is not alone. She has someone depending on her for food and shelter.

The first thing she needs to do is to seek out those organizations that provide financial assistance to single mothers, but it is not enough just have money, there needs to be a change in circumstances that can improve the quality of life for the mother and her children. One way out of the cycle of poverty is education.

Financial assistance for single mothers in the form of scholarships

Federal Pell grants are offered to people from low income households. These are not student loans. Pell grants pay a student’s way through college and upon graduation there is no requirement that the grant be repaid. These are not specifically geared towards single mothers, but one who is struggling to stay afloat financially definitely falls into the category at which Pell grants are aimed. To qualify for a Pell Grant an applicant must be from a household whose income is less than the federal poverty guideline. A Pell grant provides a single mother with a opportunity to better the lot of her family, and as better educated parents tend to raise kids who do better academically, the impact can be beneficial for multiple generations.

Financial assistance for single mothers from JCF

For those younger single mothers in high school there are many opportunities available if they choose to take advantage of them. The Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship, for example, can be a source of financial assistance for single mothers . The foundation provides $75,000 to minority students who are graduating high school. Again, it is for all minority students and not geared specifically at single mothers, but they are still eligible.

Grants from the Patsy Mink Foundation

The Patsy Mink Foundation provides five annual grants of $2,000 as financial assistance to single mothers as well as pothers with a partner, who are pursuing some form of education. The mother must, however, be at least 17 years old and enrolled in a skills training program during the year for which she is applying. Her children will need to be under 18 and she must make less than $17,500 if her family only has two people, less than $22,000 for a family of three and less than $26,500 if the family has four.

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Oct 28 2011

Homelessness is not an option for a single parent. Obviously, no one wants to be without a home whether or not they have children. However, when there are children, it makes finding appropriate shelter even more of a necessity. Of course, housing is not something anyone can take for granted, especially not after a foreclosure crisis where many people were cast out of homes they had intended to build families in. In most cases a single parent household is going to have issues making ends meet, that is largely unavoidable. One income and multiple mouths to feed for most working people is going to mean poverty. Fortunately, there are ways to find housing help for single mothers . The government is usually a good place to start looking.

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Oct 28 2011

Getting a good education is a tried and usually successful path out of poverty for many families. With a family headed by a single, young mother, the likelihood of poverty is even greater, thus making the need for such paths even more necessary. Another aspect of the value of education is that the children of educated parents tend to perform better in school than those who were educated at a relatively low level. This means that educating a parent can have dramatic long-term effects as the value of learning is passed down from parent to child. One big problem with this is that education is extremely expensive. Even people with good educations and solid educations can find themselves mired in debt from student loans for decades, how does a teenage mother afford the kind of education that is likely to make big differences in her quality of life and that of her children? The answer is with a scholarship. Fortunately, there are many scholarships available to people from low income households geared to low income people for which teenage mothers may qualify as well as scholarships for teenage mothers specifically.

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Oct 28 2011

Single mothers of all ages are more likely to live below the poverty line than those with a partner. Factors affecting how children fare when raised by single mothers include the relationship with the other parent as well as with an extended family. Children with a support system tend to do better. At least one study has shown that children of single mothers are more likely to have psychological and emotional issues than children that come from homes where both parents are present. There is, however, no reason to believe that the danger to a child being raised in a single parent home is inevitable or irreparable. Most important for a single mom is to find a support system where she can see advice and ask questions. Fortunately many programs to help single moms exist for the purpose of advising and encouraging single mothers.

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Oct 28 2011

Finding affordable housing is an important concern for most people, and single parents in particular. They have children to provide for and often no partner to help them financially. In most cases single mothers earn less and therefore money will most likely be an issue. The fact that a single parent household will usually have less income and more responsibility for the parent in charge usually means that finding and paying for housing is a stressful factor in the life of a single mother. Fortunately there are options available in the form of programs that provide rental assistance for single mothers in need of an affordable place to live.

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